Viking Mantra

No matter what is happening, no matter what obstacles you might face, and no matter how difficult it may seem, know that you can see it through.

Whatever it is, it is a temporary situation.

You will be OK.

You are strong enough to face it and powerful enough to finish it.

You’ve got this.


How to Calculate your Calories & Your Macros!!!

In order to get the results that you want, you have to know your daily kcal target and be able to divide your macros into the kcal and the grams that fit with your Viking program.

I know that this can firstly seem really complicated when you first quickly go over this, but as soon as you start, it really is not. Just do it with me one step at a time.

You only have to do these calculations once so just suck it up and lets go!

Firstly, you need to calculate your BMR. Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the number of calories required to keep your body functioning at rest. And we have a formula for it, using your weight, height and age.

So use it:

BMR Formula:

Female: 10 x weight (kg) plus 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age (y) – 161

Male: 10 x weight (kg) plus 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age (y) plus 5

Now from this, you get your BMR. But that is not your Total daily kcal expenditure.

As it is the kcal you use when your body is fully at rest, you need to now add all movement on top.

To get your daily total:

Now because you are doing the Viking program, exercising a certain amount a week, you time your BMR by 1.55.

Lets use me as a part of the explanation:

After I put my weight, height and age into the formula, I get BMR of 1280 kcal.

Then to get my total: 1280 x 1.55: which gives me the total daily kcal expenditure of 1984 calories.

Now if I want to stay the same, to maintain my weight, I keep it at 1984 kcal. But if I want to lose weight, I need to take the kcal down and if I want to add weight, I need to up the kcal:

Lose weight: take 20% off your total daily kcal.

Add weight: add 20% to your total daily kcal.

Lets say I wanted to lose weight: 0.2 x 1984: 397 kcal. So I need to drop my daily by 397 kcal.

1984-397: 1587 . 

So 1587 is the daily kcal intake that I want to hit as closely as possible. I do not want to go over that.

Now your Macro´s; your protein, fat and carbohydrates, contain different amount of calories per gram:

Protein: 4 kcal per gram

Carbs: 4 kcal per gram

Fats: 9 kcal per gram.

On Resistance Days your division is:

Carbs: 40% Protein: 30% Fats: 30%

On Cardio & Rest Days your division is:

Carbs: 30% Protein: 40% Fats: 30%

And this is what you do to calculate the percentages into grams: Using me, with my 1587 kcal:

Resistance Days:

Carbs: 0.4 x 1587: 635 kcal. So my Carbs ( 40% ) will be 635 kcal of my daily intake. To get the grams, as there are 4 kcal per gram of Carb, I divide 635 by 4: 159g

We do the same with the protein and the fats:

Protein: 0.3 x 1587: 476 kcal. Then I divide that number by 4: 119 grams of protein.

Fats: 0.3 x 1587: 476 kcal. Then I divide that number by 9 ( because there are 9 kcal in one gram of fat) : 53 grams of fat.

Therefore daily macros division will be:

Carbs: 159g

Protein: 119g

Fats: 53g

Cardio & Rest Days:

No need to do any more calculations! Fats stay the same as on resistance days and the protein and the carbs swap percentage, and since they are both 4 kcal per gram, you can just swap the grams.


Carbs: 119 grams

Protein: 159 grams

Fats: 53 grams.

The goal of the calculations is for you to use them at the start to see and understand how much you consume and how much you need to consume to be able to achieve your goal. Then once you get used to it, with increased knowledge and action, you will not have to do it any longer. I do not weigh my food nor calculate the kcal of my meals now at all. I have done it in the past, and now I don’t anymore as I have enough knowledge about my portions, about kcal in food, about what works for me. And I know that because I did what I am asking you to do no. Temporary.

Also measuring out everything is not realistic long term, its terribly time consuming and can often lead to an unhealthy obsession with your diet. I as well do not do detailed meal plans, as it is the same, unrealistic in the long term as we like different tastes and flavours and it doesn’t give you anything. I just tell you what to have and you eat it. Then I am not giving you any great tools for you then to use for always, I am just giving you orders. And that is not good enough for you. Always the Best Clan.

We Got This Viking!