Vikings Set Their Own Worth

Never approach your fitness from a place of lacking.

That you lack something, and you need to get it in order to be content.

And especially, never approach it from a place where not you, but the outside world is telling you what you lack.

So for example, for women, now its having big behinds. So if you lack it, you better go to the gym every day and work only for that and then come Wednesday, post a picture of just your ass.



But the outside world keeps on changing its opinion. Now you have been chasing the big bum fashion, and then in some time it is going to be small bum and big calves, and you are going to have to chase that. You are going to be like some headless chicken, running around following some perimeter that was set for you, but not by you.

You will never find self contentment this way.

Because you are letting another decide where yourself value lies. You are basing your worth on the opinion of the outside world that keeps on changing its opinion. 

You have to set your own self worth. You have to set the perimeter. You have to set the goal posts. Stop being so easily manipulated and influenced by fleeting opinions of the external world.

Fuck the outside world. If everything is coming from you, if your self value is coming from you, then whatever is happening on the outside doesn’t touch you. Because you are your own boss.

So now, approach your fitness from a place of adding. You are adding to you. Adding power, strength, stamina, resilience, confidence, mental wellbeing.

Set your performance goals. See yourself grow. Feel the benefits of all these amazing things that you will add to you.

And always remember that you lack nothing.

 It is all for you. By you.