You should never answer any question that has to do with you, with; I don’t know.

You always have to know your whys. And now Im not talking about when it comes to your goals and dreams and your success and all of that, I am talking about you as a being.

Why did you act like that? Why did you react like that? Why do you feel this way? Why did you say that? Why did that make you happy? Why does this make you angry? All of these things, you cannot answer with; I don’t know.

Because when you answer it with I don’t know, it does mean that you are not conscious of your being. That you are not conscious of what you think, what you say, how you feel, what you do, so you cannot control them.

This is why you keep on having the same negative experiences, the same toxic relationships, the same self damaging internal dialogue, the same actions that keep on holding you back because you don’t know why you do what you do.

And also you keep on surprising yourself , so you keep on acting and reacting differently to the same external situation, so you might have been fine yesterday, but today you react badly to the same situation and you don’t even know why. Your emotional landscape is completely unpredictable and that is not the way it should be.

And then you have to say sorry, and you didn’t mean it (like that makes any difference, you still did what you did) and you have no clue why you reacted this badly. This kind of stuff shouldn’t be happening all the time. You should know in advance, how you are going to act and react because you are conscious of who you are and are in control of that.

So start being more conscious about yourself. What are you thinking? What words are you saying? Even like the tiniest things, like everytime that somebody asks you how are you doing, do you always go: “Oh I am a bit tired.”?

Stop it!

What you can control, you must control and you, yourself, falls under that.

And if you are conscious of yourself, your emotions, your mind, you are always in control because you always know in advance what you are going to say, think, feel and do.

Zen as a motherfucker.

As a Viking Motherfucker.