Vikings Keep The Past In The Past

Here is the thing about the past. It needs to be kept in the past.

Now everybody has going through some rough times and gone trough failures, but you have to stop dragging it around with you.

Your past does not define your present and it sure as hell does not define your future.

So what if things didn’t work out?! That doesn’t mean that they wont work out now.

When I started my company, I received nothing but no´s. But I knew if I would stick with it, if I would keep on going, if I would keep on asking, I would eventually receive yes´s. I decided not let the past define my future.

Carrying your past with you is exhausting. It is like carrying constantly ten grocery bags with you wherever you go.

Drop the bags.

What can also happen when you are heavily conditioned by your past, is that you will enter into new situations with the pre-conditioned belief that it will not work out. Because it didn’t before. And then, when it doesn’t work out, you go: “ See, I told you!” Not realizing that it was because of the negative energy you carried into it that made it fail.

The worst one is letting other people´s negative past experiences affect you… “Dawn said she had tried it and it was way too hard so she couldn’t do it, so there.”

Well, shame for Dawn but that as literally nothing to do with you. 

So what has happened in the past or what happened to Dawn, has nothing to do with you now! 

Never be a victim of your past. With every failure, learn from it. That is the only thing your past can give you.  Ask yourself: “ What am I prepared to do now to make this change happen, that I didn’t do then?” Change your approach and you will get a different outcome. 

Now you are less likely to fail again because you are taking the knowledge from it. You are now better prepared. With more tools.  And more resilience. 

Learn from it, and then let it go.

You are not your past.