Unfortunately, Now we have gotten so used to needed approval and validation from others and getting praises and being liked, that we have stopped going:”Hang on, what do I think of this? Does this fit within my value system?”

I cannot tell you how many meetings I have been to about the future of my company and with people who want to collaborate with me where they go:” ok, lets now start doing before & and after pictures and more bikini shots of you in the gym because that will financially grow it quickly. 

I can say to you what I said to all of them, I will never, ever do a before & after picture and I will never do a bikini shot of me in the gym. That is not what my company is about and that is not who I am. And no matter what I get from it, I will never do it.

I want to be able to sleep in peace when each day is done. I want to be fine with going to bed with myself, with who I am.

And if I would do something that’s not me, then I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t be able to do that. 

And this goes for your personal life as well. If you have somebody in your life where you have to dismiss who you are and your value system in order to keep them, then they are not worth keeping. 

So never trade your integrity for an opportunity.

Always go to bed being at peace with who you are.

That is the most important thing.