Vikings Consciously Create Themselves

Always remember that no matter what is happening, no matter what obstacles you face, no matter how difficult it seems, you can always see it through.

If it is a situation that is outside your control, know that you are strong enough to see it through. If it is a situation that is within your control to change, know that you are powerful enough to do just that.

Just like you are creating your life with your actions and inactions, so are you creating yourself.

Literally see it as that. Who do you want to create? Decide and take the steps needed to build that person. To create that vision you see yourself as.

No one just ended up being who they are.

They created who they are.

Whether it was a conscious creation or an unconscious one. When it is an unconscious one, it often leads to a creation that was not fully wanted and can leave one dissatisfied with ones life.

Decide that from now one you will be conscious about what and who you are creating. That every step is a step that is known, every brick is placed where you want it to be. Thoughts, words, actions all follow your goal. You cant have an inner dialog of negativity towards yourself and then think by doing something will make you self-secure. Thoughts will have to follow suit.

And do not keep yourself in company that you do not feel you can be yourself with or are not on the same mental level.

Don’t take shit anymore.

Don’t compromise.

Don’t be small anymore because another couldn’t take how massive you really are. Take up space. Clean up.. It feels so good. 

This is my ongoing conscious creation 

To have a home that I always feel good in, friends and a partner that give me loyalty, care, laughter and spiritual growth, work that satisfies and stimulates me, activities and physical exercise where I demonstrate my power, strength and awesomeness.

And I constantly, consciously am creating that vision.

Clean life on every level.

Lastly, anytime you are going through difficult time, do remember that it is temporary.

It will be pass.

And you will be ok.

You will.