Be very precious about your time.

It goes by so quickly.

So do not waste it being in a job or in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy. 

We often, wrongly, put the same meaning on length of time and quality. “If I have been doing something or in something for a long time, it must mean its working”. No. It just means you have been doing it for a long time.

Stop confusing longevity with a job well done. Holding on to something just for the sake of holding on to it does not make it a success. 

And even when you know it is not making you happy you still go: “ but I have been in it or doing it for 3 years so I should keep on trying.” Why? Just so you can waste more time?

There is no great price or trophy for hanging in there. 

Leaving something that gives you no growth, no stimulation, no happiness, does not mean that you are giving up.

Settling, staying, that means giving up.

Have no respect for settling.  You and your time deserve more.

You know what changes you need to make. You can feel it inside you.

Yes it will take guts. Yes the transformation time might be difficult. But only temporary.

It will be like going through a tunnel. Dark for a little bit but then you are out on the other end with the sun shining in your face.

Much much better than making no change, because do you know what that will be like?

Being stuck in that tunnel.

Stop wasting yourself. Stop wasting your precious time. Make the changes.