Self limitations are the absolute worst things that you can give yourself. And most of us have so many that we have put on ourselves that are not true and are weighing us down.

The limitations that you have, they stem from the beliefs that you have about yourself and your abilities.

And normally these beliefs are not created by you, but by your childhood, by past experiences, by other people, by other people´s past experiences.

And then you take these beliefs and the limitations that come with them and you act as if they are true, as if they are real, as if they are tangible.

And you start behaving like a helpless product And you keep on reaffirming this with sentences like: “ Well this is just who I am and I have always been this way.” Or “Oh my God I cant believe you did that, that is so cool but I would never be able to do that, that is just not me. I would find it too much.”

You are nobody´s product. You are not the product of your past, you are not the product of your childhood, you are not the product of other people. You are nobody´s product.

But, whatever you believe about yourself, you will act according to that.

So you have to be very careful with how you label yourself.

Like you just received yourself in a parcel and there is nothing you can do about it. Really be careful of how you are defining yourself.

You create who you are. You are whoever you want to be. So that sentence isn’t valid. You need to have this sentence instead; I am who I choose to be. And I choose what I do.

As soon as you have that instead you realize that you have no limitations