The Viking Method training can be done from home or in the gym. It requires no machines, only a set of dumbbells and a skipping rope.

It is functional training, using your own body weight mixed with the free weights.

We do specific exercises that are paired up in a certain way and done within a specific timeframe.

This forces you to utilize more energy and oxygen, increasing your fat burning whilst making your muscles lean and toned.

The Viking Method training also creates an after burn, raising your metabolic rate which means you will be burning long after you have stopped training.

Every exercise in the Viking Method has a purpose. There are no “filler” exercises. No time wasters. Each one is there for a great reason and is highly beneficial.

Us Vikings do not just train for looks. Yes you will get a lean, tight, athletic looking physique but that is the by-product. We train for our strength, power, mental resilience, agility, confidence and all around berserkness.

When you start, you have 2 programs to choose from, the Fury or the Wrath.

After you have done either of those, you can move on to the more advanced program, the Monthly Mayhem. 

All programs come with videos of me showing and explaining every single exercise. To me, photos are not enough, they do not show the technique properly, the flow or which muscles you are required to engage.

That way, you know how to do each one efficiently from the word go. 

The training will test you, it will force you out of your comfort zone, it will able you to do exercises that you never thought you would be capable of doing.

And you will love every minute of it.

That I can guarantee.  

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