Think Like A Viking

Being a Viking has nothing to do with where you are from.

It has nothing to do with anything outside of you.

It has to do with your perseverance, your resilience, your ability to acknowledge fear without letting it ever stop you.

To not be apologetic about your presence.

To no let doubts take over.

It has to do with your trust in your own unconquerable mental strength.

It has to do with your refusal to bow against any obstacle no matter how great it might appear.

For you know, that the power within you, is always greater.

For you are a Viking.

Your inner state is unbelievably important.

Your actions and inactions, your good and bad choices, your emotional landscape, the people you decide to have in your life, your level of self worth, what treatment you accept from others, how you treat yourself, how you see life, all stem from your inner state.

You, are the controller of everything, and if you are not in a good place, you will not be able to produce anything good. The better place you get to, the better of a producer you will become.

Most training methods leave this part of you out. Which is unbelievable. They all approach you from the outside in. And that is why so many give up. Because it doesn’t work. You have to come from the inside out.  

And that is what The Viking Method does.  

All of the Think Like A Viking videos here below serve as tools for you. Tools for you to overcome your limitations, your conditions, your self doubts and your lack of motivation, lack of energy, lack of peace. They are tools for you to grow into the person you were always meant to become. An unbreakable Viking.

Do Use them. Take them in. Apply them. And pay attention as the positive change will begin to happen.