The Viking World Recipes

Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner are divided into Training Days and Post Training and then Cardio/Rest Days. 

On the resistance days, you have more % of carbs in your diet and the division is to make that easier.

Also, go into Meal Plan Examples and see examples of both resistance and cardio days. Click on the Meal Plan that goes with the program that you are doing.

Now, with the recipes you can always change them to suit you or what you fancy. You can add rice/quinoa/chia/couscous to the ones that do not have any and use that as your post training meal or do the opposite.

The goal of the meal plans and the showing of the macro division in the recipes, is to stop making you use them.  A meal plan and measuring out everything is not realistic long term and its terribly time consuming and boring and can lead to an unhealthy obsession with your diet.  Along with always having someone else telling you exactly what to eat just doesn’t work.  Use the recipes, the macros, the meal plans, to see healthy food, to understand portions good for you, for new ideas to have for meals. Use all of this as a foundation that you build on.

An important thing that I do want you to do, is plan and prepare healthy food in advance. This makes healthy eating convenient and easy. 

And if you are in a place where choices are limited (travelling, social events and so on) just think; how can I make this meal as healthy as possible?

And that is enough.

Any questions or anything, please always e-mail me;