The Viking Chef

Hi Vikings.

I am Laura, our Viking Chef!

I am busy mum, wife and I have my own business. I began my fitness journey, like many of us, wanting to lose weight & get fitter, but now its a lifestyle choice. 

I love training and working out, challenging and pushing myself more than I did the day before, but my real relationship is with food. I am passionate about nutrition and how I fuel my body is essential, never forgetting its not just what you see that counts. 

I never use the term ' I'm on a diet' for me, this means being restricted and could bring on unwanted urges to binge on rubbish. I believe in having a healthy balance with both nutrition and lifestyle, so treats aren't banned, nor do I feel guilty when I have them.

Our time and what we have of it, is important, so with a little planning and preparation (always prepare Vikings) the recipes are designed to be quick, healthy and tasty. We use natural, fresh produce, dried spices, no hard to get ingredients, You will be able to get everything form any major supermarket.

Use the recipes, like you use the training programs. We are giving you the best tools for you to become stronger, more self-confident, fitter, healthier and constantly full of energy and mental happiness. The nutrition is as important as the training. Therefore use the recipes. Use the daily meal plans. Plan and prepare. Do this fully with us. This is all for you. You have a whole clan behind you and we got this with you.