“I started training with Svava with a slipped disc and very unfit. Thanks to her deep knowledge of my condition, I have made tremendous progress. My back is literally pain-free and my fitness level has improved massively along with my nutrition being now spot on. I can´t recommend Svava highly enough, my quality of life is so much better now because of her.”Christian Walker
“I have been with Svava for years now and she still impresses me with her expertise and inventiveness. Her exercises are truly unlike any other and because of that, training with her is always fun instead of a chore. While being the toughest trainer, which I need, she is one of the kindest people I have met. Svava is now not only my personal health guru but also one of my closest friends.”Agathe Lepage
“I love training with Svava. Her exercises are challenging and really varied.
The sessions with her are never dull and you will see great results!“ Lady Helen Taylor
““I love Svava’s technique. With me, she does a combination of her functional training, martial arts and ballet isolation exercises. In all my years of training, the Viking Method is unlike anything I have ever done.” Nicole Scherzinger
“Both me and my two teenage boys have been training with Svava for a long time. She is in a league of her own. Her knowledge of physiology and nutrition are extensive and she has been proved invaluable in keeping all our fitness and energy levels up. She is as well highly intelligent, discusses history and psychology with my boys and plays the capital game with them while training which they love. Even my older boy is going to boarding school and he has asked if he can come home for the weekends to train with Svava because he will miss it so much. She has become a part of our family. We could not recommend her more.” Derek Hawkins
“After the warm up in my first session I was done. I was so horribly out of shape that I couldn´t exercise for more than ten minutes. With Svava´s patience, skills and program that she constantly adapted to my needs, my level of fitness started to change profoundly. Now I can do exercises I never thought I could do and more. Svava says to me; do you remember when you couldn´t even properly squat? and I feel so proud of myself and thankful to Svava for have gotten me there. I would not have done it without her. Svava is also my “therapist”. I discuss everything with her and she has helped my through many hard things. She has become a necessity to me. Both physically and mentally.”Nada Ahmadi
“I am utterly and completely hooked on Svava´s Viking Method. With the bespoke training that Svava created for me and the comprehensive nutrition program, led me to loose 2 stones with major improvements in my physique and health. And it is so different and fun! Svava´s kind and upbeat personality makes you feel like you are having a coffee with a great friend instead of training.”Suzie Moses
“Svava was recommended to me through a friend and I am ashamed to say that I was a little comprehensive before our first session. At that time I was in a very good physical shape and wanted a trainer that could take me to that all around optimum fitness level but all the female trainers I had witnessed throughout my gym time were neither tough enough nor themselves functionally fit enough in my opinion. I am so glad now I started with Svava. She is inhuman! She is unlike any trainer I have come across. Her power and fitness level is insane! Throughout the sessions she makes me compete with her and wins, but gets everything out of me. I dare any man to try and beat her. That man will have my outmost respect.” Emmanuel Duarte
“I love to exercise. I never thought I would utter those words. I only began to love it when I began training with Svava. It was a long road, but one worth while. Not only did Svava teach me to jump like I was 5 years old again, nut she taught me how to become aware of my body, to have patience and to feel amazing after I accomplished a milestone, no matter how big or small it was. Exercising is no longer an obligation, but a state of mind. After nearly two years with Svava, the Viking Method simply became a way of living.” Alexandra Vasquez
“I have been training with Svava 3 times a week for the last two years. I have to say she is brilliant! I always feel as if I have really worked hard. Most importantly, as well as seeing a definitive difference in both the look of my body and my levels of fitness, her sessions are really good fun. Each and every time the session is different, Svava uses a variety of equipment and method to keep things interesting. I honestly look forward to my sessions with her.” Karen Hunter