You have 2 resistance programs that alternate throughout the week with rest on Sundays. This you do for 2 weeks before you move on to your next, more advanced 2 week program. In your second week of this program you take 10 sec of all your resting time! Mon: 1, Tue: 2, Wed: 1, Thurs: 2, Fri: 1, Sat: 2, Sun: rest. If you have carpet then in all exercises involving tea towels use magazines. They will slide on the carpet.

Focus points always! – IMPORTANT!

Always warm up for 5 min at least and cool down for 10 min before you stretch. (fast walking, slow jogging even on the spot. ) – The Cool down is very important for your stubborn fat areas as you need to keep the blood flow up for a few min afterwards to transport the fat. – see article about alpha and beta-

Remember to do the Challenges! Do a Challenge at the beginning of the Fury and the same one again at the end of it. See Challenge page, this is crucial to do, this is your before and after.


Shoulders back (without arching your lower back )

In a squat, the lower back is always straight, chest up and weight going through your heels, think that you are sitting on a chair that is far behind you.

In all jumps start in a squat and end in a squat.

Use your power! Engage your muscles! Do not just do the exercise.

Every time you use weights it should be hard. The last 3 reps should be an amazing struggle.

Never ever compromise on technique. That´s how you will injure yourself.

Sweat! A lot! If you are not dead afterwards, you did not try hard enough.

If you are training in a gym never think about what others think about you. Do not let that stop you from going for it. We always go all out!

Always stretch at the end.

Do not give up.

This is too important.

Go Berserk Viking!!!



Program 1

3 exercises in a row. Do 3 sets. 30 sec rest in between sets

Squat with a backward lunge x10 each leg
Never come out of the squat. Heels down and weight back with lower back straight and chest up. Lunge backward deeply and come back into the squat.
Starfish x12
Weights in arms, palms facing you. Squat and as you lengthen legs you lift arms up like the arms of a starfish. Feel the muscles in your back running down your back.
Walking press ups x6
Start up, kneel down, walk hands forwards into a plank, do a press up ( chest to floor, core in ) on feet or knees, walk hands back and come fully up. Then straight back down

3 exercises in a row. Do 3 sets. 30 sec rest in between sets

Backflies x12

Hinge from your hips slightly forward with lower back straight, core engaged and shoulders back. Knees are soft. Weights in hands and open arms out to side. Feel your middle back working and the muscles squeezing together as the arms fly out. Watch that the shoulders do not come up.

Running man on towels 30 sec . As fast as you can!!!
Plank position, towels on feet. Wrists under shoulders, core engaged. Run legs into 90 degrees and back out. Do not place weight on the leg as it comes in and keep the tabletop position throughout.

3 exercises. 3 sets. 30 sec rest

Squat jumps forwards x10
Deep squat, heels on the ground, lower back straight, chest up, shoulders back. Jump forward and land in the deep squat.
Bicep Curls x12
Shoulders back, core in, think which muscle you are working, engage the bicep, bring weights up. As you lower them, watch that there is no swing in the body and that the arms don’t swing backwards. Keep the tension also on the way down.
Crawls 30 sec. As fast as you can!!!
Come down into a plank position. Watch no arching of the lower back. Knees come out as you crawl to keep the bum from coming up. Opposite arm to leg as you move. Short steps in order to keep the plank line. 6 steps forwards, 6 steps backwards. Think Spiderman!

Core. 3 sets. 20 sec rest

Leg drops for core x12

Lie on back and legs are up 90 degrees with soft knees. Press your lower back into the mat. Keeping the core engaged lower the legs, only as far as you can keep the lower back down pressed into the mat. Then slowly up, not using your legs but your core.