Program 3

3 exercises. 3 sets. 30 sec rest

Jumps to Second x10
Start in a narrow squat, jump forwards and land in a wide turned out squat. Then jump backwards and land in that narrow squat again. Watch that your knees do not cave in when you land in that turned out squat and as well when you take off out of it.
Beats x10
Come to a wide squat, as you squat watch that knees are in line with your toes and are not caving in. Squat deeply, as you jump up, engage your glutes and lengthen the legs fully, placing one of the legs in front of the other. Land in that deep squat again

Lateral Fall Down Press ups x12

Come into a press up position. Turn your hands in and bring them close together, with fingers almost touching. Watch your shoulders are down and your core is engaged. Then fall down sideways onto your left forearm taking your whole body with you, then slowly back all the way up using your core and your triceps. Straighten your arms fully as you come back up. Then fall down to the other side.

3 exercises. 3 sets. 30 sec rest

Do exercises 1 and 2 in a row, first on the right then on the left. After that you then do the tri extensions. All of that is 1 set.

One Legged Squat x10 : each leg.Hold your dumbbells!
Bum sticks out and leads the way. Torso only comes forward because bum goes back and leg bends. Back straight, as deep as you can, lengthen leg and torso up again. Engage glutes at the end.
One Legged Burpees 1x Forwards and 1x Backwards x5 “trips” each leg.
Do one forward starting with a forward jump and then one backwards. Heel stays on the ground, especially as you come back from the plank position. Really watch that core is engage as you jump into the plank, don´t let the middle of your body drop.
Tricep Extensions x12
Weights in hands, arms straight overhead with palms facing each other. Upper arm stays straight as you bend the lower arm fully, then slowly back up. Keep your core engaged so you do not arch your lower back. Do exercises 1 and 2 in a row, first on the right then on the left. After that you then do the tri extensions. All of that is 1 set.

3 exercises in a row as always. Do as many sets as you can for 5min! No Rest!

Starfish x12
Weights in arms, palms facing you. Squat and as you lengthen legs you lift arms up like the arms of a starfish. Feel the muscles in your back running down your back.
Squat jump with a weight throw x12
Hold a dumbbell in between your legs as you squat deeply. Jump up and at the same time bring the weight to chest and then out, like you are going to throw the weight forwards as far as you can. Use all the power and oomph that you have!
Tricep dips x12
Hands on a bench/box. Legs further out than 90 degrees with toes up and not full weight on heels. Keep back straight and back stays as close to the bench as possible as you come deep down. Only the triceps bring you up. Go as far up as you can without locking the elbows, therefore keeping the tension the whole time.

Core. 4 sets. 10 sec rest

Leg Drops for Core x12
Lie on back and legs are up 90 degrees with soft knees. Press your lower back into the mat. Keeping the core engaged lower the legs, only as far as you can keep the lower back down pressed into the mat. Then slowly up, not using your legs but your core.