Program 2

3 exercises. 3 sets. 30 sec rest

Skipping 90 sec Super Fast!
As fast as you possibly can. No jump between, core engaged and small quick jumps.
Backwards sliding Lunge with Shoulderpress x10 each leg
Place a tea towel under one foot. Hold dumbbells at shoulder level. Slide the leg back, with your weight going backwards with the leg, as deep as you can go , then engage the forward leg and use it to come all the way back up. At the same time as you are coming up, you do a shoulderpress with palms facing each other. Watch as you are going down that the knee of the front leg is not more forward then its ankle. If it is , it means your weight is too far forward so take it back.

Travelling Pike- 2 forwards, 2 backwards x2 trips. Slow and controlled!

Feet on tea towels, body in a plank position. Engage your core leg mad and drag the legs in and up straight, bringing your body into a reverse V. Then walk the hands forwards until you reach a plank line. Repeat and then go backwards; walk hands back with the body lifting up into that reverse V then slowly lower the legs down using your core. Repeat.

3 exercises in a row as always. Do as many sets as you can for 6min! No Rest!

Shoulder press x12
Dumbbells in hands, resting at shoulder level with elbows out. Lift all the way up without your shoulders coming up and then back down. Power! Keep your core engaged so you are not arching your back.
Forwards and Backwards Squat jumps with weights x10
Dumbbells in hands, with arms bend so weights are in shoulder line. Squat, jump forward, jump backward. That is one rep. Watch that you always take off and land in a deep squat with your heels down and chest up.
Plank forward reaches x10
Come into a plank position on forearms. Keep hips still and slowly reach one arm forward without any shift of bodyweight. Bring back in and then the other arm. This is a slow exercise. If you speed it up, you will start shifting your weight and swinging your body, loosing your core.

3 exercises. 3 sets. 30 sec rest

Walking crawl with a squat jump 2 forwards, 2 backwards x3 trips
Start in a plank position. Jump legs in, with heels down and lower back straight. Crawl arms forward back into that plank position. Repeat. And then backwards. Shoulders down and core engaged.
Squat forward Kick- hold weights if you can x12 each leg
Hold weights at shoulder level. Squat down deep, weight going backwards, heels down and chest up. Then come up kicking one leg forwards as high and as powerfully as you can. Fast and hard!
Lateral Raises x12
Shoulders back, core engaged. Same as always , know what muscle you are working. Your shoulders. Have elbows soft, do not lock them. Lift arms laterally up, no higher than your shoulders and back down.

Core: 4 sets. 15 sec rest between sets.

Core: 4 sets. 15 sec rest between sets. Frog in a plank x14
Plank position on forearms. Bring one knee up to the same side elbow. Focus on the bum not coming up and that the core is making the movement happen. Engage!