ODINN Nutrition


Training Day Food Programme:

Kcal intake                                       2300

Macro Division                                30% Carbs, 40% Protein, 30% Fat

Non Training/Cardio Day Food Programme:

Kcal intake                                       2000

Macro Division                                25% Carbs, 45% Protein, 30% Fat

Aim for the Macro Division more than the Kcal. If the kcal minus or plus a bit, that is fine.

Go into recipes to see Examples of Daily Meal plans as well as Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks Recipes.

Eat a lot of vegetables throughout the day. Only fruit that has low GI, apple is excellent, pear, and berries.

Other carbs, you aim to have in the meal after you train ( if you train before dinner , then carbs with dinner ) and on the training days you also have oats/chia for breakfast.  See recipes.


Change your cows dairy for coats, sheeps, almond, coconut dairy.

PROTEIN should be eaten at every main meal.

FAT is only GOOD fat for example fish, avocado, nuts, coconut oil - always cook wth, olive oil is only for dressing salads.

LOTS of water, limit your coffee and tea; try to switch to herbal tea.

Cheat meal every week is a must!

Always have two hours from when you eat dinner until you go to sleep so that your insulin has gone down. First 90 min of sleep has the highest level of growth hormone ( fat burning hormone ) and it can only do its job if the insulin levels have gone down.

Do the same before you exercise. Do not eat ANY carbs 90 min before exercising for the same reason. We want your fat burning hormones to be able to properly kick in! Therefore you might have to move your snacks until after exercising or have them with a meal.

Have a protein shake that is low in carbs. The one that I use in the meal plans examples has 6.4g Carbs, 78g Protein, 6.8 Fat  per 100g.

All of this is within your control. You can do this.