The Viking

Stop waiting for somebody else to come and to things for you. Nobody is coming.

If you desire change to happen in your life, you have to step up and make it happen.

That is on your head.

Nobody else´s.

You Got This.

I have been a fitness maniac all my life. From Crossfit to Pilates, Kickboxing to Yoga, Football to Ballet, HIIT Training to Badminton, but through it all, I never found that one ultimate type of training which would give me that tight, lean, toned physique I wanted. Therefore I took the best out of the very effective way the training is done in Iceland and combined it with my life long experience and education and created The Viking Method. The Viking Method is bulletproof. Its scientific. I know I can take on any client and achieve with them their ultimate physical and psychological goals. Because I have done it to myself and to countless of Vikings. It is not about just looking a certain way. It´s about being a certain way. Powerful. Confident. Quick. Strong. Agile. Your body will become the grandest machine and you the greatest driver. All my hard working vikings have reaped those benefits.

Sounds too good to be true?… Then try it out… I dare you.


Creator Of The Viking Method


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