After I sign up, what happens?

Use the account login details you created on registering to sign into Valhalla; the Viking World. There your programs will be, Challenges, articles and recipes.


Can I do the training program at home or do I need a gym membership?

You can do the training anywhere, gym, home or outside. Wherever your want.


What equipment do I need at home for the training?

You need only dumbbells, if you can then two sets; one lighter and one heavier and a skipping rope.


Can I do the Viking method even if I haven’t been exercising at all recently?

Yes you can. Your level of fitness does not matter. You only need to be physically injury free. And wanting to really go for it.


Can I do the Viking Method if I am limited in my training, like have a slipped disc or a knee problem?

The Viking Method program requires you not to be of a certain fitness level but it does require you to be physically injury free. If you have any major problems, it is better to see a professional that can assess you and do a more simple program.


Will I get a nutritional plan?

Yes you will receive your nutritional program, also after you become a member , you can access to Valhalla, the Viking World. There you will find recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as articles on training and nutrition.


What is the difference between the 6 weeks and the 12 weeks?

Mainly, time. The 6 weeks are more intense when it comes to how many times a week you train and more energy restricting when it come to your diet. The Fury you only do if you only have 6 weeks. Otherwise I would always recommend the Wrath. The training intensity is the same as the Fury so you will get all the same benefits.


Can I sign up straight for the Monthly Mayhem?

No you cant. You have to do either the Fury or the Wrath beforehand. Or be an exciting Viking already.


I am a vegetarian. Will the nutritional program work for me as well?

Yes it will. I give you the macro split and when to eat what but you will have many options to which specific food you will be having.


Can I order Viking Method clothes if I live outside the UK?

Yes of course!  We skip internationally.