The Nutrition in the Viking Method is all about making you and your body full of  energy, vitality and optimum health.

It is about having a healthy nutrition in your every day life.

It is not about counting every single kcal or weighing every single gram of food. 

I will give you your macro division, tell you which food is good to have, I give you the guidelines, recipes and daily meal plan examples.

But I do not tell you every single gram of every single meal. There is no “on Tuesdays you need to have just this exact recipe for lunch and measure out everything”!

I want this change to last. And doing it that way, definitely does not last, it is horribly time consuming, unrealistic, and puts way to much attention and mental energy on food. Worrying about and constantly going over how many kcal you had is not what I want you to spend your time on. 

We also take into an account the importance of proper hormonal function and how the activation and the deactivation of certain hormones does affect us. Therefore the nutrition is also put together to support the optimal hormonal usage. 

The nutrition is the good protein, the healthy fat and the energetic carbs which we split into two groups: the all day carbs and the sometimes carbs.

We fuel differently depending whether it is a training day or rest day.

The recipes are split into groups depending on that and each group as many recipes, which you can completely choose from, you can swap one healthy ingredient for another, you can mix and match.

I am giving YOU knowledge, so you can know how to fuel yourself properly, so you can understand what to have and how to cook it and when it is best to have certain foods. I do not want you to be like a parrot and then when you stop, you are none the wiser.  That is not good enough for you.

Its all about giving you the best diet possible, with the highest energy and the greatest outcome. 

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