In the Viking Method we do not do Before and After pictures. We do Before and After performances. Pictures only give you such a limited part of your progression and often, even if you see a difference in the after picture, brings still on just negative effect. You will only notice the things that still need improving.

Our Before and After performances will show you your true progress. How much stronger you are, how much quicker, how much more powerful you have become.

Each month do a challenge on the 1st of the month and on the last of the month. If you are doing the 6 weeks of Fury do a challenge at the start of the Fury and then at the end of the Fury.

At the start of the month , just do as much as you can. Give it your all, but if you do not last the whole time, that is fine. Write down how many reps or sets you managed to do. And then at the end of the month , repeat that same challenge and see how much you will then smash it. 

If you are doing a Challenge that has two exercises , then you still record one number, you just keep on counting. Like if I am doing Baldur´s Challenge and I did 36 squat throw jumps and 20 plankshifters, I write 56. I would love if you would share your results. See #thevikingchallenge post in Svava´s Chat on how to do that. 


Loki’s Challenge

Loki’s 5 horrible minutes! Ha! The only thing you need is a timer for those 5 min and your massive Viking willpower. Count your reps and if you do not last the whole 5 min, while doing your very very best, then that is enough. List also how far you were into those 5 min when you died.

And it is 5 min of just Burpees!


Loki is the trickster God and the most dangerous one in Norse Mythology. Extremely clever and immensely powerful magician. Use his magic!

Frigg´s Challenge

4 minutes. You will need a pair of dumbbells and a timer for those 4 min. Use your power, squat deep, jump far, thrust that shoulderpress up. If you are doing it full out, never half-heartedly, if you are giving it everything you got, then do not worry if you cant last the whole time.

You will be doing:

X10 One forwards, one backwards squat jump holding the weights by your shoulders

X10 Shoulderpress

Lets Go!!!


Frigg is Odin´s wife and the Goddess of love and fertility. Friday is named after her.


Baldur´s Challenge

4 minutes. You need one dumbbell ( heavy ) , a mat and the timer. Truly kill it! When you jump and throw that weight , use every muscle in your body. With the plankshifter, engage that core, keep those hips still, hands far underneath you and be as quick as you can.

You will be doing:

Squat Jump with a Weight Throw x10

Plank Shifter x10

We are on. Mind is on. Body is full of energy.


Baldur is the God of light, joy, beauty and innocence. He is the best of the Gods. The saddest even in the whole of Norse Mythology is when Loki kills Baldur. But he is reborn after Ragnarok; the final battle
Idunn’s Challenge

4 minutes. You need a pair of dumbbells and your timer and most importantly your POWER! We mean business when we kick. This is not an aerobic class kick, this is smashing you in the face kick! Woooopa!

You will be doing:

Squat with a forwards kick x10 each leg

Shoulderpress x10


Idunn is the Goddess of youth. She was the guardian of the golden apples; apples that kept the Gods young and immortal.


Sweat. Be completely done at the end. No matter how fit you are. This is should be hard. If you can talk after, if you are not gasping for breath, if you are not sweaty, then you did not give it your all. Always give it your all.

This is what we are all about. Impressing ourselves. Not others.

The reward is not some shallow, temporary, external appreciation, it is so much deeper than that. It is our own internal satisfaction. Witnessing our grand power.

And since we know the immense value of the price, we do not give up.