What you do is what you get.

Therefore, know that your results will be great.

Because you are making sure that your work is great.

In the Viking Method we do not train just for looks. We train for power, for strength, for agility, confidence, speed, resilience. For inner and outer contentment. We are adding on the most valuable things. Instead of just taking care of the windows, we are taking great care of the whole house.

Before and After pictures are what everybody does. And to me, it is definitely not a true indicator of your progress. That is why in the Viking Method, we do before and after performances. We do #vikingchallenge : The first day of the month you do a Viking challenge for a certain amount of time and you write down your reps. Then you train for the month and on the last day you repeat the same challenge. Every month you do a new one.

To do these performances and then see how much more you can do, is amazing. It gives such feeling of accomplishment. You realize you can do so much more than you thought you were capable of. Photos do not show this change and they carry with them such a down effect. You are happy for a second and then you start seeing all the things that still need changing. And then someone comments negatively on your looks and you can feel crushed. Both because you have put so much importance on a thing that is open and vulnerable to other peoples opinion and because it is subjective. But what you do is not subjective.

No one can disagree. You did it. You did not give up, you kept on going, you made yourself more powerful. And no one can take that away from you.

You do not get more powerful picture by picture. You get more powerful challenge by challenge.

Join the Clan and become a true force to be reckoned with.

Are you in Viking?

X Svava