About The Viking Method

Icelandic men have won the worlds strongest man competition more often than any other nation and the Icelandic women are considered the be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Surviving centuries of isolation, cold, enormous volcanic eruptions and hardship, the Icelanders carry within their genes toughness that has them priding themselves in working hard and being able to endure anything they are faced with. The harder the work, the more they get out of it. And this is shown in their mentality when it comes to fitness. All out. Indoor mixed with outdoor training. Even in the snow. Bring anything on. There is nothing we cant handle.

The Viking Method is a no gimmicks functional training method with very specific exercises done in a certain way. Done with the right switch and timing between anaerobic and aerobic resistance training. Done with the use of your body weight. And done with the highest intensity. Hardcore. Shocking the body´s metabolism, forcing it to burn fat and build a long, lean athletic physique. It is a method that takes in how your hormones work, which is crucial, by activating the good ones and de-activating the bad ones. It is drinking loads of water. It is eating the good protein, the healthy fat and fiber. It is having buckets of fresh vegetables and fruit.

What makes the Viking Method truly different, is that we do not train purely for looks. That is a by-product. Do not be mistaken though, you will get a the greatest physique possible but weighing yourself and counting kcal constantly ( we do the macros and the importance of the right balance and putting the best fuel in your body) is not done within the Viking Method. We train for power, agility, for inner and outer strength. For confidence; mental and physical contentness. We do not train to impress others, we train to impress ourselves. The Viking Method is fun. You wil enjoy it and you will want more and more. That shift will make an unbelievable change in you; To focus on your performance, setting goals like finishing 10 jumpy press ups in a row or managing doing the dragging crawls for 30 sec and then conquering these goals, will fill you with pride and makes you see that you can do anything you set your mind to. It brings self happiness. Because that is something that can never be taken away from you. Loosing 2 kilos and fitting into those jeans for that day does not give the same. It is fleeting and might be gone tomorrow. But this, shifts you and changes you forever. This power that you have now unleashed… You become a true Viking. A force to be reckoned with.

It will be hard, but not work. It will be a pleasure. It will become addictive. You will love every second of the Viking method and you will love the huge results it will give you on every level.

Now lets go Berserk.