Third Slaying: Weeks 9-12

Being a Viking, is always kfnowing that the quality of your life is up to you.

Its knowing that what you do, is what you get.

Who you work on being, is who you will become.

Mondays:Program 1

Cycle 1: 3 exercises in a row – 30 sec each – 3 sets – rest 30 sec between sets.

Cycle 2: 2 exercises in a row – 30 sec each – 4 sets – rest 20 sec between sets.

Squat Weight Throw

Plank Divers

Cycle 3: 3 exercises in a row – 45 sec each – 3 sets – rest 30 sec between sets.

Third Slaying:Tuesdays & Fridays



Now we are doing steady pace for 1 min, then as fast as you possibly can for 30 sec!

Keep on going for 15 min.

Run, cycle, row.

Remember to Warm Up & Cool Down!

Third Slaying:Wednesdays

Cycle 1: 3 exercises in a row. Keep on going for 8 minutes!

Rest 60 seconds before going into the next cycle!

Cycle 2: 2 exercises in a row – Keep on going for 6 minutes!

Jumpy Kicks x12 each leg

Lateral Fall Downs x12

Rest 60 seconds before going into the next cycle!

Cycle 3: 3 exercises in a row. Keep on going for 8 minutes.

Third Slaying:Thursdays Program 3.

One Cycle only.7 exercises in a row. Rest for 90 sec after. Then go again! Keep on going for 24 min.


Frog in a Plank x14

Third Slaying: Saturdays

Viking Madness! 

In the Third Slaying we are doing: 

Skadi´s Madness!

Skadi is a giantess and goddess. She is an avid huntress and lives in the highest reaches of the mountains where the snow never melts. 

Once through.

This is all out Viking!  

2 exercises in a row.  x18-10. You start with 18 reps of each then 16 reps, 14, 12 and finally 10 reps of each!


Floor to Squat 

Record Your Time! Then Beat it every week!

Third Slaying: Sundays:Think Like a Viking

Vikings Change the Things They Are Unhappy About.

So people, us, we are very good at voicing the things that we do not like about ourselves.

“I went to a wedding last week and I had to wear a dress and as you know, I just hate my fat arms, or you know, as always, I was really insecure like when I was handing in my stuff today at work because I feel like there are so many things I don’t know, so I feel like it is never good enough.

And then day after day, week after week, year after year, you complain and talk about the same shit that you are happy about, about yourself. And you have done it so much, that now when you talk about it, you go: “as you know” because you have talked about it so much.

Do you know what? There has to come a time where you either do something about these things, or shut the fuck up.


For this Sunday and the next Sundays, give thought and focus to the things you complain about, about yourself and about your life.

Write the sentences that you keep on saying. And then actively stop saying them. Take them out. Start changing the source of them, what are the things you are unhappy about? Make a plan. What can you do to change these things?

Stop talking. Start doing.


Third Slaying:Last Sunday

The last Sunday there is no madness

as it is time  for your

After Viking Challenge!

Now smash your Tyr´s Before result.

4 minutes of Berserkness.

This is it Viking.

Give it all you got.

Remember to send me a picture of you with your before and after result (see example below) to  along with your address to receive your

I am a Viking top!

This you cannot buy, cannot just get.

You have to earn it.

And you have.

Send it!

If you want to share on social media, tag me @thevikingmethod and use #iamaviking #vikingchallenge

Here´s to you Viking!

You fucking did it!

You slayed the Thor Program!

You are now a fully fledged Viking.

From now and always, you are part of this amazing Clan.

I am so glad you joined. I am so glad you didn’t give up. Didn’t give in.

Didn’t let yourself down.

For this nor anything is about proving anybody else wrong. Its never about anybody else. It is to prove your self right.  And that is what you did.

Be proud. Proud that you did what you said you were going to do.  That you showed yourself what you are capable of doing.  That you put first things first. 

Never stop slaying.

Never stop Thinking Like the Viking you have become. Keep saying the declaration, keep on bettering yourself, keep on changing the things that do not serve you, keep on with the Berserkness!