12 Weeks of Thor


It doesnt matter where you are starting from.

It doesnt matter if you are starting for the tenth time.

And it doesnt matter how many times you failed before.

The only thing that matters is: ”What are you going to do now?

From this moment on, what will you do?”

Thor is the god of Thunder and the indefatigable defender of the Gods and their fortress. His courage and sense of duty are unshakeable and is physical strength virtually unmatched.

Welcome To The Clan!

The 12 Weeks of Thor is split into First, Second and Third Slaying.

Each slaying last for 4 weeks and each week contains:

Three very different resistance programs.

Two cardio programs.

One Viking Madness.

Think Like a Viking Sundays.

The second, third and fourth week is a repeat of the first, with you constantly upping your Viking game.

Think Like a Viking Sundays.

The second and third week is a repeat of the first, with you constantly upping your Viking game.

With each Slaying the program progresses. And so will you.

Cardio is twice a week. If you are having an extra day off training apart from Sunday, then take out one of the Cardio programs. That is fine. The resistance programs and the Madness are non-negotiable.

Thor comes with photos of all the exercises and videos. Click on the photos in the program to see the video of that exercise.

Use the videos. Make sure that you know what you are doing and how to do it correctly.

Don’t waste your time by doing things half-heartedly or with the wrong technique.  


In the Viking Method there is a huge focus on the right core work. We make you work your core as the centre of your body. As the connector. The glue that keeps you together. Using your core this way will make it extremely strong. And not just that, it will improve your performance in every way. You will run faster, jump higher, resistance training will be at a higher level and all tasks in daily life will be easier. You will be tighter, more together, your whole posture and the way you move will be completely different.

I still cannot stress this enough; in every single exercise, I want you to consciously engage your core.


Sunday is your rest day. On Sundays you take time for your mental side, your being, your mind.

This is your Think Like a Viking day.

Use it.

Your inner state is unbelievably important.

Your actions and inactions, your good and bad choices, your emotional landscape, the people you decide to have in your life, your level of self worth, what treatment you accept from others, how you treat yourself, how you see life, all stem from your inner state.

You, are the controller of everything, and if you are not in a good place, you will not be able to produce anything good. The better place you get to, the better of a producer you will become.

The Day Before Week 1

The day before you start week 1, you do your Before Viking Challenge;

In the Viking Method we do not do before & after photos, we do Before & After Performances. Pictures are not a true indicator of your progression and come with such a negative affect as we will always focus on the things that we still haven’t changed. There are always some “flaws” that we will see.

The Viking Challenge will show you your true progress. How much stronger you are, how much more powerful you are, quicker, fitter, more mentally resilient you are.

The day before you start week one you do your Before Challenge, and at the end of Thor, you do your After Challenge.

At the end, share your Viking Challenge results with me to receive your

I AM A VIKING shirt if you didn’t do so in your first Vikings Program! This shirt cannot be bought, it can only be earned.

Cannot wait for you to earn it then!

And if you have, still send me your results!


Your Viking Equipments!

Focus Points!

Always remember to warm up and cool down!

We do active stretching in the warm up and static stretching in the cool down. You also skip in both.

The warm up & the Cool down are in a video form at the start and the end of every program. Click on the links and I will be there taking you through both.

Use the whole of the Viking World! It is there for you to use. Your Nutritional Plan, the Recipes, food diary examples, the articles, your profile, Svava´s chat and so on.

In every exercise engage your core muscles.


Shoulders back (without arching your lower back)

In a squat, the lower back is always straight, chest up and weight going through your heels, think that you are sitting on a chair that is far behind you.

Use your power! Engage your muscles! Do not just do the exercise.

Every time you use weights it should be hard. The last 3 reps should be a struggle.

Never ever compromise on technique. That´s how you will injure yourself.

Sweat! A lot! If you are not dead afterwards, you did not do it hard enough.

If you are training in a gym, never think about what others think about you. Do not let that stop you from going for it. Fuck what others think. This is for you.

The resistance programs are high intensity programs. The same goes for your Viking Madness and your cardio.

Now, high intensity means HIGH INTENSITY.

No you shouldn’t be able to talk. Yes it should hurt.

You need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Because that is where change happens.

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Do not give up. This is too important.

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