Advanced 9 Weeks of Mayhem

Here your level of fitness is important.  And so is your mindset.

You can only do the 9 weeks if you have either done the 6 weeks or the 12 weeks program beforehand. 

This program starts at an advanced level and if you have not done either of the other two, you will not be able to get the most out of it. Your fitness level and your mental strength needs to be at a certain level along with the power of your muscles, your agility, the strength of your joints and the speed of your movements.

9 Weeks of Idun is for the  women, 9 Weeks of Odin for the men.

Per week:

  • 3 different resistance training programs
  • 1 Viking Madness program
  • 1 cardio programme
  • Extra Viking Madness page to choose from
  • New, more challenging programme every 3 weeks

The 9 weeks program comes also the extra madness page, which I want you to use both while you are doing the program and also after you finish it. There is no time limit on your membership, therefore once you are done with the program, keep on using the tools. Keep on doing the challenges, switch up the workouts, use the extra madness circuits, as well as everything else there is in the Viking World.

This will keep you at your best.

 If you are signing up for this advanced program , you have already become a force to be reckoned with. You know it and I know it. You have already shown your strength, inside out. And here you will keep on demonstrating it.

We are not timid, scared or shy away from any obstacle.

We welcome it and smash through it. 

We are Vikings.

Valhalla awaits us... Lets keep on playing