6 Weeks of Fury

Total body transformation in 40 days. For men and women.

Your level of Fitness is not important. Only your mindset is.

  • 4 resistance training programs per week
  • 1 Viking Madness program
  • 1 cardio programme
  • New, more challenging programme every 2 weeks

The Fury Program is to be used when you need huge change in a sort time. This is not a program that you do for long period of time as it is very hardcore. It is perfect if you want to throw yourself back into training, have a summer holiday coming up, wedding, anything that you want to be at your best for.  

It will be hard. The Fury will work your body way past anything you thought you could do.  For that reason, you will love it. The leanness, the tightness, the power you will achieve. Total body transformation. 

You will get a exercise program that will advance every 2 weeks, making it harder and pushing you further than you thought you could ever go. You will receive a diet plan with your daily macro split and all the details you need.  

When you become a Viking, you are granted access to the Viking World; you receive an email after you sign up with your login details. There your programs will be, fitness and nutritional articles, recipes, monthly challenges, your profile page to follow your process and much more. 

Now the time is upon you to become a true force to be reckoned with. Don’t hesitate. Come and Play.

Welcome to Valhalla dearest Viking. Get ready to go Berserk