12 Weeks of Wrath

The Wrath program is a 12 weeks program. And in those 12 weeks you will go for it. You will give it your all, but you will reap in the same way.

The Wrath program differs from the Fury by having separate program for men and women and if you do not need the massive change in 6 weeks , I would always choose this one.

12 weeks of Freya for the women, 12 weeks of Thor for the men.

Per week:

  • 3 different resistance training programs.
  • 1 Viking Madness program
  • 1 cardio programme
  • New, more challenging programme every 4 weeks

Your body will go where your mind takes it. You are your master and this time, decide to demonstrate that fully.

 You will get it all of course when you do the 12 weeks program. The exercise programs, the videos and your diet requirements with your daily macro split and all the details you need.   Every 4 weeks you will receive a new, more advanced program. 

When you become a Viking, you are granted access to the Viking World; you receive an email after you sign up with your login details. There your programs will be, fitness and nutritional articles, recipes, monthly challenges, your profile page to follow your process, the Think Like a Viking videos and much more. 

Now the time is upon you to become a true force to be reckoned with. Don’t hesitate. Come and Play. 

Welcome to Valhalla dearest Viking. Get ready to go Berserk.